Tim Love, B.Sc (UEA), M.Sc (Liverpool), M.A (Cantab) - a pictorial CV

I was born on Sultan Road, Portsmouth. It's been twice flattened and re-built since I was born. My parents were lodging in a terrace house
Here's part of my birth certificate in Italian (done for my wedding)
Here's the calendar in our Farlington living room, the "Y" of "Friday" having been worn away by thumbs
One of my science notebooks when I was 11
Our school was the best in the country for chess. I managed 3rd in the UK U-18 championships when the best players of my age were elsewhere
Our school was good at basketball too, but I didn't achieve much - just a few games for south-east Hants
Norwich, where I did a degree, half-heartedly continued chess (played top board for Norfolk once)
I spent a year in Bristol, teacher-training. I tried painting
Oxford, where I spent a year or so as a teacher
I interrailed to Morocco, etc
I taught myself computing and wrote a game that was mentioned in a Guardian cutting
The money kept my going for 6 months or so
I visited India
Here's a rare photo of me in Liverpool where I did an M.Sc
I lived in Nottingham (Educational researcher) for a while, under the roof
I got a job in Cambridge
A slide from my only academic paper "Graphical Interfaces in Education: A Case History" (UKUUG, 1991) showing 2 of my programs
I used punched cards as a UEA student. At Cambridge I won an iPod in a draw. My oldest existing webpage was written in 1993
I got married by lake Como
My wife's village
My ipod's start-up picture. Sienna
A letterhead I use on webpages. I'm on the left, my ultrasounded and swimming sons are in the middle, my wife's on the right
Me, the Sahara and a camel
My poetry booklet acceptance - ISBN 978-1-905939-59-6
My second book - ISBN 978-0-9570984-9-7
Berlotti beans from our 25 year old allotment. Some years we grew 30 different crops
Our house as a tapestry made by a neighbourAnd then this, in 2022