Action & Reaction - Science Museum (Clementoni)Marble Mania - Hand-cranked spiral lift (The Learning Journey International)Early Learning Centre marble run
Hubelingo - works with DuploSpace Odyssey (Buki). Motorized chain liftQ-Ba-Maze (MindWare)
Spacerail - Motorized spiral lift (Gift House International)Railrace (same as spacerail). Motorized spiral lift (Tobar)Techno-balls. Motorized chain lift (Cheatwell)
marble racer (Galt)mega marblerun (Galt)Mega marble madness (E.L.C)
Marble mountain (Grafix)Migoga marble run (Quercetti)Marble rush adventure set (vtech) - sounds, lights
Skyrail Roller Coaster (Quercetti) - motorizedBiG marbledrome (Quercetti)Marble Run (Games Hub)
Loncraine BroxtonKids Classic3D Gravity Marble Puzzle (TheWorks)
Techno gears Marble mania extreme (The Learning Journey) - Motorized spiral liftMarble frenzy run (A to Z games) - with dominoesTom Karen - the designer of Galt marble run (and the Raleigh Chopper, the Bond Bug, etc)